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At CC Storage Sheds, all our sheds are built on treated 4x4 skids.
The floor joists are set at one foot on center to give you more strength and support for riding mowers, motorcycles, etc.

We have patio blocks available to put under the skids to protect from weathering and to help level the shed.

All our rafters and doors are custom made at our shop.  We have four types of siding:
- 7/16 primed hardboard siding
-5/8 T111 wood siding
-7/16 primed OSB siding
- Vinyl to match the exterior of your house

CC Storage Sheds custom builds each shed to satisfy your wants and needs.  We have 4, 6, 7 and 8 foot side walls.
We build any size shelves and lofts for your storing needs.

You tell us where to build and how big to make it.
Specify where you want your doors, windows, and if you want vents, lofts, shelves, etc.  It's just like you built it yourself.

CC Storage Sheds can do gable roof sheds built the way you want.  We even try to match the shingle color on your house.


Aluminum drip edge
Felt rolled roofing
Patio Blocks
Ridge cap vents
Shake shingles
Extra set of doors
Removal of old shed
Window framing
Service doors
Garage doors
Flower boxes
Concrete slabs
Octagon window

Other items Available

Dog Houses
Picnic Tables

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